Roceda T.

"... dedicated to caring for and enriching the lives of the children in their care."

"staff is wonderful and genuinely love and care about each child"

"I don‘t think I could ask for better people to care for my children in my absence."

Julie D.

...why they (Staff) are all part of MY family."

"...just knowing that she is around "family" keeps my sanity -- especially since I am over an hour away."




Activities are planned with the developmental needs of young children in mind and with an emphasis on "learning by doing." Creating within each child a positive self-concept is a most important objective of our center. When a child feels good about himself, then he is receptive to learning experiences. The early years are the vital years and we want them to be enjoyable and successful for all children.

Our teachers have been selected for their warmth and love of children, educational background, and their ability to understand and guide children through the early years. They provide the friendliness and loving care which makes each child feel important and respected.

We view childhood as a special, carefree time, a time for children to be children-- to reach out and enjoy the interesting learning experience provided in a secure and caring atmosphere of Dawning Point-Chatham Early Childhood Education Center.


A new adventure in learning awaits your child at Dawning Point – Chatham Early Childhood Education Center!  Each child is regarded as a mine, rich in gems of inestimable value. Our responsibility as a center is to help polish these gems so they shine at the peak of their brilliance.

We are interested in the total development of your child just as you are. As your child interacts with other children, he will acquire valuable social skills. Manners, politeness and consideration of others are important values reflected in our care of your child.

Intellectual growth is stimulated through a preschool educational program which includes exploring various art media, music and movement, story time, A nurturing place for childrenpre-reading and pre-math activities, science experiences, and supervised field trips.

Children are allowed to progress at their own pace   and teachers are careful to maintain a balance between teacher-planned end child-initiated activities.  As children have freedom to make choices, they develop valuable thinking skills.

An environment rich in resources, a wealth of interesting learning experiences, freedom for children to be children, and guidance from loving, caring, and well-trained teachers make learning Dawning Point – Chatham Early Childhood Education Center an enjoyable and positive experience!