Wendy M.

"...like leaving our children with family."

"The preschool curriculum surpasses other centers in the area and was the perfect roadmap to success for our kindergartner."

Aby B.

"It is very comforting to know we‘re dropping our son off with consistent, caring staff."

"My son will be there during some of the mode developmentally important beginning years of his life, that is not a decision to be made lightly and it‘s comforting to know that if we can‘t be with him during the day when we are at work, that he is with people that we trust to have his best well being in mind."


Intellectual growth is stimulated through a preschool educational program which includes exploring various art media, music and movement, story time, pre-reading and pre-math activities, science experiences, and supervised field trips.

Children are allowed to progress at their own pace and teachers are careful to maintain a balance between teacher-planned end child-initiated activities.  As children have freedom to make choices, they develop valuable thinking skills.

The childcare program operates five days a week and includes hot, nutritious meals (breakfast and lunch) and mid-morning in mid-afternoon snacks. After the morning preschool program, lunch is served and is followed by a quiet activities time, rest or nap time, snack, and supervised play indoors and outdoors.

Parents are asked to sign their child in and out each day. This ensures safety of the child and promotes good communication between the parents and the center. Children are released only to persons designated on the child's enrollment form. Parents should advise the center if a person not listed is to pick up the child.

Parents are always welcomed visitors at our center at any time. Your concerns are our concerns! We welcome your comments and suggestions as we continually strive to improve the program for your child and our services to you.


A wide choice of activities for individual and group play are offered such as: crafts, art, sports, music, clubs, creative dramatics, books, cooking, sewing, puppetry, and games both indoors and outdoors.

Breakfast is served prior to going to school and a nutritious snack each afternoon. Extended childcare is available on snow days and teacher work days at an additional charge.

Children are provided transportation to and from the following public schools each day:

  • Conway Elementary
  • Dixon-Smith Middle School
  • Ferry Farm Elementary
  • Grafton Village Elementary
  • Holy Cross Academy